iDEAS I wish the 'decision makers' in show business would listen

  ...Yes i know its called ' showbusiness ' for a reason and i am all for profits, ratings -although badly calculated- ultimately decides the fate of each and every program, BUT i should ask myself, how about starting to show some respect for the viewers and moreover giving the new series a fear chance before rushing into canceling and replacing them with yet another reality show? Smart Tv it's called quality scripted television.
STAR TREK : Without considering myself a full flag geek or a trekky (i neither wear a uniform replica, nor do i own any model-ships ) and having the utmost respect for the late creator of the show and some of the subsequent producers who continued the franchise and gave us gems like TNG and DS9, i must admit my frustration when it comes to understand the later decisions made by those left in charge of the show. Star Trek -intended philosophy notwhistanding- was always about THE FUTURE, looking forward, allowing us to imagine how much we can improve as individuals but also as a species, the super-advanced technology was a constant companion to the achievements we supposedly accomplish. Making THE FEDERATION the most reliable and trustworthy race populating the fictional star trek universe,  so you could understand my skepticism when they come up with a prequel idea (namely Enterprise, which wasn't entirely bad) but lacked many if not all the appealing concepts mentioned above. PEOPLE don't want to see humans struggling to match some alien cultures and being downgraded from the widely accepted concept of being guardians of peace to the entire alpha quadrant to some less than confident race who can't go to the bathroom without any vulcan's assistance (no offense). What surprises me even more is that even when this past-lovin' concept has blatantly failed on the small screen, they say, ' hey, let's do a movie set in the past, AGAIN, and we'll see how it works '. That being said, it would probably turn out to be a blockbuster based on the great minds and actors behind the production. Back on the Tv Realm, that formula won't ever stand a chance, at least not with star trek. I suggest a compromise between those ' in love ' with producing reality tv, and  those who want to continue delivering state-of-the-art quality TV. You could envision a scenario set far in the future where the previous enterprise had been destroyed and four new ship-prototypes, are ' competing ' for the honour of being  named after the former federation flagship by means of carrying out complex missions. Viewers would call and vote whichever ship, crew or both they like, conferring the entire experience a reality tv ambiance or atmosphere, but keeping alive the basics of the premise, although i would highly recommend not using any kind of filters whatsoever. That endeavour would bestow the fans a sense of belonging wich is absent in the last installment of the long running franchise. While they keep making money with prior successes, maybe they could also profit from the future, just have to rekindle and recapture what made startrek unique in the first place.
FORENSIC SHOWS : With all the clones and obvious intents to concieve an original idea within the aforementioned category, how is it possible that nobody considered a plot regarding a C.S.I. kind of show but portraying a group of time travellers who investigate inconsistencies in unsolved relevant crimes for an undetermined reason, utilizing yet uninvented futuristic technology however being as inconspicuous as possible,  and trying to mingle with present detectives as well.
Before I put an end to all this ranting, i ought to pay respect to some short lived shows who were unfairly terminated, no doubt they definitivly deserve better -trust me on that- and I'm almost certain I will forget a few: Early Edition, Time trax,  Vengeance Unlimited, Dead Like Me, Daybreak, Journeyman, The dresden files, Gilmore Girls (lacked plot resolution), Angel, John Doe, Tru Calling, Dark Angel, Lois & Clark, etc. Thank Heaven House is doing well in the ratings department. I swear to God I would be extremely disappointed (not to mention enraged) if they cancel 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles'.... (Update: Damm! (excuse me)... they've done it... why? why do they keep screwing up?)
And finally (for now), It is worth mentioning some amazing NOT cancelled but ended past-productions which according to my judgment I consider them to be the best television shows ever: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Seinfeld, The West Wing, Charmed, Friends, La femme nikita, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Knight Rider (yes, the original one), Gilmore Girls, Stargate SG1,   Frasier, etc. I apologize in advance for those I may have unintentionally forgotten.